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ANTS Blockchain Survey - Egypt

ANTS recent survey suggests that “earning by learning” through blockchain is effective in incentivizing earners to learn new skills and get cash rewards along the way. But, in terms of the blockchain integration, blockchain is not initially essential and don’t have an added value at the alpha phase. Yet, It’s essential to start developing the blockchain integration with the platform starting 2021 to maintain the decentralization factor while scaling.

Moreover, what the earners have experienced contributing with ANTS is that it helped them communicating with others, contributing in real projects, and learning through ANTS platform. In terms of education, earners discovered that learning with ANTS is much better and more fun than than learning in universities, as the guidance and way of work are much better and more helpful than those in universities in Egypt!

What needs to be added in the next phase based on the survey is more engagement when there are no current tasks, better user interface and more connectivity with the community. Given that ANTS started the development phase in August 2020 to introduce the learning by earning concept through blockchain backed infrastructures, it seems like there is a lot more to come in the Beta Phase that will start Jan 2021.



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